Fastest-Growing Advisors Contact Clients More Frequently


New research from The Financial Awareness Foundation’s (TFAF’s) Wealth Advisor Confidence Survey™ confirms that it pays to reach out and touch people. According to TFAF, higher performing advisors are more likely than other advisors to contact clients more than once per month. For example, nearly three in five firms (58%) expecting double-digit growth in 2019 contacted clients 2 or more times per month. By contrast just under half of firms (49%) expecting single digit growth in 2019, contacted clients more than once per month.

Is that too often? Not if what you’re sending is relevant, valuable and professionally produced.

As shown below, firms that contact clients with higher frequency have the ability to produce thoughtful content that requires a little more thought than a simple tweet, post or like:


As shown below, firms that contact clients with higher frequency are also more likely to find value in social media—but not at the same level as more conventional thought leadership tactics cited above.

Social Channels.png

The findings are even more striking when looking at the projected financial performance of responding advisors. Firms that expected to finish 2018 with double-digit growth were 1.5 times more likely than less optimistic firms to consider Public Speaking, Publishing Articles and Media Coverage “very” or “extremely” useful (see chart).

TFAF’s annual survey of financial advisor concerns and challenges, conducted in association with HB Publishing & Marketing Company, LLC. asked respondents to rate nearly two-dozen thought leadership tactics. Those in the table above were the ones most frequently cited by advisors as being “very” or “extremely” valuable.

You only have a split second to grab the attention of your time-pressed clients and prospects today. But, research shows taking short-cuts won’t get the job done. Racking up lots of likes, views, tweets and posts may be good for the ego, but at the end of the day those McMetrics won’t make you a thought leader.


Take the time to create an integrated 12-month content plan that includes a healthy dose of writing in full sentences, speaking in complete thoughts and providing more than just soundbites to influential members of the media. Sure, this approach takes a little more work, but the results will keep nourishing your pipeline long after the social media sugar high has worn off.

There’s much more to this survey.  Check out some of the other highlights here. if you’d like some suggested workouts for maximizing your thought leadership gains when you have limited time, let’s talk.

Hank Berkowitz directs content strategy at Wall & Main

Hank Berkowitz