How do financial advisors really achieve thought leadership?


There’s no end of expert opinions on how financial advisors can best improve their reputations for thought leadership.  But what do advisors on the front lines think? The Financial Awareness Foundation asked us to survey advisors about what tactics they find most effective. The results surprised me. They should prompt other advisors to reflect on their own strategies.


Nearly three in four (72%) advisors surveyed found public speaking and presentations to be “very” or “extremely” effective for establishing thought leadership. Nearly two-thirds of surveyed advisors (63%) found publishing articles to be “very” or “extremely” effective for establishing thought leadership. More than half (55%) found that writing books about their subjects of expertise was a highly effective thought leadership tactic and almost half (47%) found significant value in obtaining consistent press coverage. Respondents were asked to rate nearly two-dozen thought leadership tactics. While social media in general did not seem to garner high marks for thought leadership effectiveness, more than one-third of advisors did find blogging and producing videos to be very or extremely effective for establishing thought leadership.    

There’s much more to this survey.  Check out some of the other highlights here.

Hank Berkowitz is the financial content director of Wall & Main

Hank Berkowitz