There's a story behind every success. Here are a few of ours.


Smart solutions, real results.

Whether it’s branding a financial advisory firm or inspiring CFOs, we challenge ourselves to do the best work we can. We’ve worked with clients large and small, delivering countless solutions from logos to custom magazines.


A wealth powerhouse shows its muscle online.

Every investment firm claims superior expertise. How do you set your firm apart?  We collaborated with Time Inc. to produce a series of online articles and slide shows for Charles Schwab. Drawing on proprietary research and interviews with Schwab experts, we presented advanced investment strategies in an easy-to-digest format, reinforcing the firm's brand promise as a savvy but accessible financial resource.


A tax accountant turns plain-English advice into a lead generator.

The lead partner of a CPA firm specializing in international tax issues asked us to help bringing his new book to life. He had worked hard to avoid industry jargon and use real-world anecdotes to illustrate complex concepts, and he wanted a design that combined gravitas with personality. Drawing on his personal cache of colorful images to illuminate the text, we created a hard-cover volume that is visually interesting and a valued gift to prospects and clients alike.


A top-50 wealth management firm turbocharges web video.

When the firm’s home-grown video blog wasn’t generating much web traffic, it asked us to figure out how to kick things up a notch. Concluding that the content was too complex to convey by video alone, we developed and integrated companion text content containing key takeaways and action items. Client engagement rose three-fold in a matter of weeks, leading to multiple press mentions and speaking engagements — and a 20 percent increase in qualified referrals.


A celebrated business magazine courts high net worth investors.

Although its audience is one of the richest in America, Fortune is viewed on Madison Avenue as more about management than investing. To offset that perception and attract ads from private banks and other players in the bourgeoning wealth management market, we developed original content tailored to the unique needs of high net worth individuals. 


A top-30 CPA firm beefs up its site to lure partner-bound professionals.

Frustrated that too few job aspirants and hires grasped its culture, a fast growing CPA firm asked us to develop web articles, videos and podcasts explaining, among other things, what its campus recruiters look for and how incoming professionals can get on the partner track. Result: The career section of the firm’s website saw  a 30 percent bump in traffic. Campus recruiters reported better quality applicants, job-offer acceptance rose 20 percent and first-year turnover fell 10 percent. 


A credit card brand positions itself as a strategic advisor to CFOs.

Seeing growth opportunities in B2B financial services, the credit card company wanted corporate clients to see it as more than a payment processor. To showcase its strategic expertise, we developed a year-long thought leadership initiative that gave CEOs and CFOs fresh insights into a range of issues affecting their business and suggested ways of approaching them.  Our work anchored a marketing campaign that effectively raised the company's profile in corporate finance.


A top brokerage firm cultivates clients with a slick magazine.

When a big chunk of your assets under management comes from a sliver of affluent investors, you want make them feel special. To help Charles Schwab strengthen bonds with lucrative clients, we partnered with Bloomberg to develop a high-quality custom magazine with exclusive insights and strategies from Wall Street pros, brand-name journalists and business visionaries. The popular magazine is an important part of the company's retention program.


A global consulting firm uses smart content to conquer a new space.

Successful businesses continually find ways to leverage their expertise in new ways. Seeing growth opportunity in digital commerce, a global consulting firm sought help introducing its risk advisory services to a new audience. Together with an industry trade magazine, we distilled complex technology into a plain-English campaign that achieved ambitious growth objectives.


A specialized advisory talks its way to faster growth.

A wealth management firm saw potential in meeting the special financial needs of successful entrepreneurs. How could it effectively position itself in that niche? We worked with senior partners to focus the firm’s unique value proposition and deliver it to small-business audiences via targeted articles and speaking engagements. The strategy produced a 33% increase in qualified leads and 40% more referrals.


A trainer-coach for financial advisors learns to leverage the press.

A consulting firm that teaches advisers to nurture their companies faced a growth challenge of its own: Generating press coverage to raise its visibility. We upgraded its website to better explain its mission and methods. Then we boosted the quantity and quality of its press releases. Result: Articles in print and online publications including The Wall Street Journal that triggered multiple speaking requests and a 20 percent speedup in client engagements. 


An airline turns a costly freebie into a valuable asset.

After a prominent Wall Street investor took control of a cash-strapped airline, he asked us to fix its money-losing inflight magazine. We refocused the editorial content to appeal to affluent individual and business travelers. Enthusiastic reader reception and increased revenue from financial and business-to-business advertisers turned the magazine into a profit center.


A bible of entrepreneurs finds big money in mutual funds.

Fund companies like Fidelity and T. Rowe Price spend millions in advertising to attract retirement dollars. Hoping to get some of that spending, Inc. magazine asked us to position it as a credible source of retirement advice. We developed and produced ongoing content  advising small-company owners on setting up and managing 401(k) plans for their employees. Our efforts generated more than $1 million in revenue, a major source of income for the media company. 


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